• Flowers As Muses

    Posted on January 28, 2012 by in Inspiration, Wedding Flowers

    Poppy, Robert Mapplethorpe, 1988

    A while back, a fellow wedding worker bee told me that she was going to meet her industry idol. I was thrilled for her, since their meeting was also a collaboration. But, this got me thinking, and I realized that I had trouble naming an idol in my field. While there are lots of people that I admire, and lots of people whose talents I adore, an actual “idol” was hard for me to nail down.

    After mulling it around a bit, I landed on Robert Mapplethorpe. Who is not a floral designer, nor does he have anything to do with weddings. He was a photographer who’s career was noted mostly (sadly) by his more controversial works. But, long ago, long before I even knew about those photos, I was introduced to his botanical photos, and they are breathtaking. Not just for their perfection of craft, but also for their reverence of the subject within the photos. Some of his photos are dated (he passed in 1989) but their impact holds up nonetheless. It is the way in which he presents each flower, with its imperfections and mechanics on flawless display.

    I admit, I hold out hope that one day, a bride will request a reception with all Mapplethorpe inspired centerpieces. I will probably have a long wait, but that’s okay. In the meantime, I attempt to show any flower that I work with in the same way. Flowers are imperfect, but, like us, that is what makes them so beautiful, and to showcase each one with respect, to let the flowers be my muse, one at a time, is a fulfilling task indeed.

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  1. i just read this post… i love it and love how dedicated you are to your work! and i wonder who that “wedding worker bee” was? 🙂